Birdhouse Ten Frames

Here is a birdhouse ten activity frames which is great for math and number recognition as well as fine motor development. I printed the patterns on cardstock paper … cut them out and then laminated them.I put the birdhouse cards in a basket along with math link cubes.  We also like to use playdough balls with ten frames but you can use what you would like for the counters.  I have included counter circles with the patterns that you can put on the frames.In this activity the children pick a card and put the correct number of counters on the frames.  You can choose to set all of the numbers out or just a few. For younger children I recommend starting with numbers 1-5 or 1-10.  The set comes with numbers 1-20.

As of 2022 this activity can be found in the member’s section which is also where I have added birdhouse letter tracing.
birdhouse letter tracing added to the member’s section

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