Pool Noodle Flower Prints

I found flower shaped pool noodles at the dollar store this past weekend and thought it would be fun for the children to use them to make flower prints for an art project.  I have seen the noodles in place like walmart and menards as well but if you can not find the flower shaped ones the regular circle ones will still work fine for this project.I cut the pool noodles in two inch lengths … you cut them to be any size but I felt this was a good size for the the children to grip … dip … and press.  I put different color paints on small paper plates and set a cut flower noodle onto each plate.The children dipped the flower noodles into the paint and blotted off some of the extra paint on the paper plate.  The then pressed the flower down on a piece of cardstock paper and repeated.  They chose what colors they wanted to use and how many flowers they wanted to make.

After the flower prints had dried a bit they dipped the bottom of a small paint brush into yellow paint and dabbed it in the center of the flowers.  I think the children did a great job with this project that also worked on fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination.

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