Gingerbread Roll and Cover

I made Gingerbread Roll and Cover for early learning math skills and fine motor development. I printed the patterns on cardstock paper and then laminated them for durability.You will need to have a dice and something to use as cover-ups on the mats. We used buttons but you can also use pom poms or playdough. I made three different types of mats … one with blank circles … one with numbers 1-6 …  and another with numbers 2-12.In this activity children roll the dice and cover up the same number of circles on the mat if using the blank mat. Children continue to roll the dice and cover the circles until all circles have been covered. Once the mat is full children can then roll the dice and remove the same number of cover-ups that is on the dice. For the numbered mats children roll the dice and cover up the same number on the mats. For the mat with numbers 2-12 children roll two dice and add the two together and then cover up the number on the mat.

​You watch video of this activity by clicking the image below. As of 2022 this activity can be found in the member’s section.gingerbread letter and number tracing mats added to the member’s section

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