Number Learning Friends

I made some cute number learning friends for number recognition and review. We use them on bulletin boards … at group time and as individual learning activities. The patterns can be printed on cardstock and laminated. The number learning friends include numbers 0-30 and come in both black and white as well as color. We do a match and clip activity by printing two copies and then having children find the two learning friends with the same number and clip them together.Another thing we do is attach the learning friends to jumbo craft sticks and have the children do number sequencing with them. We also use them at group time and have a child come up and pick a learning friend and show it to the rest of the group who then say what the number is.You can make ring books by punching a hole in each learning friend and attaching a book ring. The learning friends can be put in order or out of order and children flip through them and identify the numbers.You can see a video of these activities by clicking the image above. This activity is currently located in member’s section which is also where I have added the alphabet learning friends.
alphabet learning friends also added to the member’s section

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