Puffy Paint Penguin

We made puffy paint penguins after circle time today.  It was a great project for scissor skills … sensory and fine motor development.  We used black and orange cardstock paper to make the the penguins.  We free cut the penguin shapes but I have included patterns that you can trace around on the cardstock paper.The next step was to make the puffy paint which was really easy. The children mixed 1 cup of shaving cream and 1/2 cup of white glue together with a craft stick.  The puffy paint should be like a thick marshmallow topping … if it is not you can add more glue.
The children applied the puffy paint to the penguins using either their fingers or craft sticks.  The penguins took a while to dry because of the thickness of the paint.

penguin pattern

You can see a video of this activity by clicking below:

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