School Friends Number Match

It’s back to school time!! I made a number match for number recognition and review.  I printed the school mat on cardstock paper and laminated it.  I made two copies of the number squares and  cut them out and laminated them.I separated the numbers into two piles and set them out along with the school mat. I also mixed up the numbers in each pile so that they were not in order. I attached a self-adhesive magnet to the back of each number square to make the squares easier to pick up and sort through.  The magnets add a little weight to the squares and make them harder to slide around once they are on the mat. 
In this activity the children put a number card on the blank square on the left and then find the matching number card and put it on the blank square on the right.  Play continues until all number squares have been matched.

As of 2022 this activity can be found in the member’s section which is also where I have added the school friends letter match.
school friends letter match added to the member’s section

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