Watermelon Pick and Count

We work in outdoor centers for part of the day today and for our math center I made a watermelon pick and count activity.  I free cut the watermelon pattern from red and green cardstock paper and glued them on to a sheet of blue cardstock paper.  I glued a blank square on the upper left corner of the watermelon mat and then laminated the mat.  I printed out the number squares and also laminated them.  You can find the patterns for both the watermelon and the number squares 1-30 here.

For our counters we used small black pom poms but you can also use black pony beads (remember to use supervision for children three and under and those still in the stages of putting small objects in their mouths).
Children picked a number card and put it in the blank square on the watermelon mat.  The next step was to put the same number of black pom poms on the water melon.  They continued until they had used all of the number cards. This is also an excellent activity for fine motor development.

You can see a video of this activity here or by clicking below:

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